Mama Scrap's Inc.

Reclaim. Return. Rematriate. Retreat.

501(c)(3) healing project centered at the intersections of culture, spirituality, lineage, and connection to the earth 


Aiding in the healing of black, brown, and indigenous folx by honoring ancestral and indigenous wisdom 


To plant seeds of wellness for future generations and strengthen spiritual connections 


Healing: we journey with individuals and collectives towards wholeness and well-being as a way of life against the oppressive forces of this world

Rematriation: We honor Mama Earth, all of nature and the elements as we heal with the land, the waters, and the air in community

Retreat: we believe in dedicated spaces that create safety and a haven for those who have experienced oppression

Reclamation & Return: we honor the ways and traditions of those who came before us and  the land that we were sustained by which light our path towards healing for future generations

return to rituals and ancestral knowledge, reclaim a relationship with land in the South that was severed through servitude, rematriate the land in a way that respects Mother Earth, provide a haven for retreat that promotes healing


What We Do at Mama Scrap's

Created for the freedom fighter, the healer, the artist, the womxn, the queer, the oppressed and marginalized, we provide spaces and experiences for BIPOC to find freedom and liberation through engaging in healing and wellness. From retreats to rituals, meditation spaces to sustainability practices, we seek to provide a liberating and inclusive healing space for those in our midst who seek to be whole and live well! 

While offering our healing services virtually, including birthing support through our doula work that you can learn more about below, we are also in the process of building our wellness village in Hillsboro, Mississippi. The 5+ acres of forested land was purchased by Mama Scrap in 1919, and 100 years later, her great (great) granddaughters became the stewards of it. Soon, Mama Scrap’s land will house a small-scale self-sufficient, sustainable village offering holistic retreat experiences by utilizing our permaculture farm and eco-friendly housing. Visit the Sacred Resistance: Return tab to learn more!

Full Spectrum Doula Services

Who We Are

Aysha Lamara

Co-Founder & VP, Aysha is the Sustainability & Agriculture Lead. She studies Agribusiness @ Tuskegee Aysha Lamara is an undergraduate student at Tuskegee University, studying Farm and Cooperative Entrepreneurship. A Co-Founder of Mama Scrap’s Inc., she serves as Co-Chair of the Board as well as the Agricultural and Sustainability Lead, providing insight on sustainable development and agricultural practices as well as progressive economic politics. Aysha believes in the fundamental right to healthy, sustainably produced food, and a clean environment, and this belief has motivated her to study ancient food practices and imagine new ways to shape our food system in accordance with nature. She will be personally guiding our development of various agricultural products and our land stewardship practices. 

Brittíni "Ree Belle" Gray

Founder of Mama Scrap's, Brittíni is a multi-methodology/modality healer & wellness curator, spiritualist, artist, certified doula, and former community organizer turned consultant at the intersection of healing, freedom, and culture. Blessed with the mind of a master strategist, the heart of a warrior, and the hands of a healer, she has worked tirelessly for the liberation of the oppressed and the healing of her community. As Executive Director of Mama Scrap’s Inc., she serves as the visionary of Mama Scrap's and the principal planner for all aspects of the project. Committed to reclaiming ancestral practices and spaces, she believes that the return to the south has been her destiny, & that multiple collective spaces for healing are needed for black folx across the nation.  

Mama Rev. Regina Gray

Co-Founder & President of Mama Scrap's Inc. Mama Rev. Regina is an ordained minister and life coach. Mama Rev. Regina Gray, MDiv. A Chaplain, Life Coach, Encourager, Writer, Spiritual Healer, Leader, Teacher and Guide. Mama Rev. Regina has touched much of the pain that exists in humanity with courage and believes that as keeper of the heart, she and we must be willing to encounter the pain so we can heal it. She believes in the total healing of all oppressed beings- especially those throughout the African diaspora- and that we walk with people- not on them. Her compassionate nature is an open invitation to all who meet her to open up with the depths of their experiences, one she welcomes as a core aspect of her ministry. It is her heart that holds the vision for this campaign and the people it will reach through the land in close communication with the divine.