Sacred Resistance: Return

What is Sacred Resistance: Return?

Sacred Resistance: Return is the second phase capital campaign for Mama Scrap's Home & Farm. Phase 1 was the purchase of the 5 acres. This phase is centered around the construction of our wellness village. Phase 3 will roll out after the completion of construction and will focus on expanding the food forest and our agricultural plans.

Herstory of the Land

In 1919 Rev. Regina's great grandmother, and Brittíni and Aysha's great great grandmother, known to her immediate family and descendants as Mama Scrap (Eliza), purchased almost 7 acres of the land that her father, known affectionately as Paw, owned. He acquired over 50 acres the decade before and split it amongst his sons and subsequently his daughter once she married. The 50+ acres was occupied and maintained by his family for 3 generations, until my grandmother moved north to Chicago in the 1950’s. When Mama Scrap passed in 1978, she left the land to our grandmother (Jessie aka Mom) because her own daughter, Jessie’s mother (Vera aka M'dear) died at the age of 51 and could not inherit it. 100 years from the time the land became Mama Scrap’s, Mama Rev. Regina, Aysha, and Brittíni became the stewards of the last 5+ acres that have remained from the original plot.

The Vision

The vision is for Mama Scrap’s land to house a small scale self-sufficient, sustainable wellness village offering holistic retreat experiences by utilizing our permaculture farm and eco-friendly housing. A co-housing design will provide a shared living space with a kitchen, bathroom, living and dining room, and 4 separate detached dwellings with a bedroom and bathroom, and lofted area in each unit. Around the housing will be a food forest and permaculture farm to grow the foods we will consume and to support the local community in accessing fresh free foods.

The Campaign

We are currently running a capital campaign to raise funds for the project to be constructed. The goal is $370,000 for the 2800 square foot co-housing construction, and another $30,000 to begin the agricultural aspects of the project. We want this space to be a safe haven and respite for people of color, a model for returning to the south and the land. For us, it’s not just a retreat space or a farm or land that we can claim ownership of. It is a space we are curating for black folx & the oppressed to reconnect with roots and rituals, and for people of color to find restoration.

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